Introducing the Gentlest Eco-Friendly Way to Cleanse & Exfoliate Your Sweet Cheeks

Skip Care & Konjac Skin Polishers

The Single Skincare Product You Should Be Using

If you follow self-care trends, you’ve heard of the latest in skincare: skip care. The idea is to swap the multi-step, annoying, too-tired-to-regularly-follow routine with a streamlined minimalist routine. In short, minimize the number of products and maximize the results. From Maxi step to Mini step, meet the humble, unassuming Sweet Cheeks Organic Konjac Skin Polisher for face and body.

Konjac is an incredible tuber plant with all sorts of healing properties. We found one of the only certified-organic Konjac producers in China and brought this little wonder to the US in 2018. Thousands of years ago (so hard for Americans to imagine, right?), the plants were first grown in the mountainous regions of China. They have since been exported to Japan, Korea and Indonesia where Konjac is a skin necessity. The plant is highly absorbent to clear skin of pimples, blackheads and irritations. It’s naturally alkaline to balance pH. It also has a surprising gelatinous quality to it that is immediately moisturizing.

At Sweet Cheeks Organic Konjac Skincare, our mission is to boost your skin’s glow and banish your exposure to dangerous chemicals, parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances and phthalates. We want you to have a one-and-done beauty tool for morning and night. 

Our pure Konjac Skin Polishers are made from purified water, plants, flowers and a bit of ancient alchemy. Back to basics, right Sweet Cheeks? Yes, all those Clean, Green beauty trends you read about are teaching us the importance once again looking to plants for that natural glow--inside and out.

Did you know that facial massage is another great way to improve your glow. Step #1: Gently buffing your face, or as we call it “skin polishing,” in a circular motion cleanses and exfoliates dead skin cells. It helps bring fresh blood and nutrients to the skin. Step #2: Drenching your skin with our Hyaluronic Acid  and Konjac Skin Polishing Mask. Plump up fine lines and get glowing! Use one mask up to three times. How’s that for recycling?