Introducing the Gentlest Eco-Friendly Way to Cleanse & Exfoliate Your Sweet Cheeks

How Do I Use It? 4 Simple Steps.

1. Soak your polisher in warm water for a few minutes or until it is soft. 
2. Lovingly massage your skin in upward strokes. 
3. Squeeze the water out of your polisher. Wringing will tear it.
4. Hang your polisher to air dry.
  • Your polisher will cleanse and gently exfoliate the top layer of skin without you rubbing or scrubbing. If you have a favorite cleanser--add it! 
  • Let the organic Konjac do its job. Its natural absorbancy lifts impurities. It's natural alkalinity balances pH. It doesn't feel like it's working but it is!
  • Hang your polisher to dry. You will need to replace it every 6-8 weeks depending on your use. When it starts to look ugly (see below), compost it. 

        Don't store Skin Polishers in their resealable bag. Without air, your polisher quickly breaks down. You'll see pink spots, green spots, dark spots, and holes. It's not easy being organic.
        Be careful out there, Sweet Cheeks.