Introducing the Gentlest Eco-Friendly Way to Cleanse & Exfoliate Your Sweet Cheeks

Skin Polishing Masks

Better than a regular sheet mask, our naturally spongy Konjac fits closely without stretching your skin. It fills fine lines and areas around your eyes, nose, and mouth to nourish and heal your sweet cheeks. Organic Konjac absorbs impurities and Hyaluronic Acid locks in moisture. Rinse your face well after removing the mask.

You can use your polishing mask up to three times in seven days before discarding. Simply rinse it and put it back in its package. 

Store it in the fridge. Chilled for next time! In-home spa-ahhh. Rehydrate in purified water as necessary.

**If you get it in your eyes or mouth, rinse with lots of water or see a doctor.**

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