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Hydrating vs. Moisturizing, Which One Do I Need??

Best Konjac Face Mask

Did you know you can have hydrated but dry skin or dehydrated but moisturized skin?

Hydrated skin is made up of hydrated, plump skin cells. As we know, dehydrated skin appears wrinkled, shriveled & parched (yikes!) while moisturizers seal moisture in the skin's protective barrier, keeping it healthy (NO flakes please!). It's not always enough to apply a moisturizer, first, you need to hydrate those skin cells!

For best results, drink lots of water and use Sweet Cheeks Hyaluronic Acid Sheet Mask. The Hyaluronic Acids penetrate those dry skin cells at the same time the Konjac absorbs impurities. And, unlike other masks, our mask is multi-use - up to 3 times in 7 days!

Don't forget to add a moisturizer and follow with sunscreen.

We got you, Sweet Cheeks!

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