Introducing the Gentlest Eco-Friendly Way to Cleanse & Exfoliate Your Sweet Cheeks

Be The Woman Who Fixes Another Woman's Crown

Have you seen this quote? What do you think of your crown?

My crown is crooked most days. Some days I can’t even find it. I planned my business for seven months before launching in May 2018. While I’ve started other businesses, this one is a brand-new industry for me and it’s online. I pored over details and planned next steps meticulously. The first time I said out loud that I owned a Beverly Hills-based organic skincare company I gasped, “What have I done? This is insane! I’m a cliché!” It was too late. I was committed, and I needed help navigating e-commerce.

I connected with equallet founder Stella McShera on social media. Stella is a crown fixer. She and her team have started a movement to reach gender equality through our wallets. They are passionate about connecting women-owned businesses with new supporters. Did you know that 51% of the US population is female? Those 167 million girls, young women, and women wield enormous spending power.

Let’s fix each other’s crowns. Let's join equallet’s movement. Seek out women-owned businesses, buy their products and services. Every dollar we spend makes a difference. Let’s purchase with intention and together we can achieve gender equality with our wallets.


Lorri Mansker is the founder and CEO of Sweet Cheeks Organic Konjac Skincare. In May 2018, the company introduced their line of Organic Konjac Skin Polishers that cleanse, exfoliate, and balance your skin’s pH. Made with plants, flowers, and a bit of ancient alchemy, Sweet Cheeks Skin Polishers are the freshest organic beauty tool for glowing skin. Their polishers are dye-free, preservative-free, cruelty-free, compostable, sustainable, and loveable—just like you.  Find Sweet Cheeks equallet page here.

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